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Carton Stripper

Carton Stripper

This Carton stripper is a semiautomatic machine that is applied to strip the margin after die-cutting. Convenient and easy to bring along.It uses pnuematic motor,that not only can save energy,but also limits environmental impact.The stripper is of high working efficiency, with simple structure. It is economical and practical for heavy working environemnts.


  • This stripper is suitable for any cardboard used in printing. It allows fast die cut waste removal from corrugated boards by using rotating chains through pneumatic motor. The stripper is a very efficient manual waste removal tool improving removal by more than 5 to 10 tomes compared to removal by hand.
  • The structure is compact and it is convenient to use and easy to operate after staff following simple training.
  • Pneumatic unit offers better safety, meets requirements of fire safety, and it has longer life.
  • Its gear chains are made of high-strength alloy-steel, which has been processed with heat treatment for hardness and high-wearing features.


Air pressure:  0.63Mpa
Air compressor req:  4KW or above.